Sandhills Saddlery, Towner, ND Sandhills Saddlery, Towner, North Dakota Fine Handmade Saddles by Shawn Kramer Will James saddke with 7/8 drop-plate rigging
Hand Crafted Saddles from Sandhills Saddlery
Homestead Wade - Ranch SaddleHomestead Wade
(Custom Western Saddle)

I built this cowboy saddle on a finely crafted tree from Matt Miller that Joe had ordered himself... Joe is a good friend who has a couple of my cowboy saddles (many of my customers end up owning two or three) and he wanted this one tooled up pretty fancy.

It has a Guad -style heart shaped horn cap, flat plate rigging, round skirts, and 4 1/2" Monel stirrups.

Fully tooled in a 3/4 size Sheridan Wild Rose, with over 120 flowers of different sizes and shapes.

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cowboy saddles for the working Cowboy

I enjoy building fancy full floral tooled handmade saddles, but find just as much enjoyment in building a "Plain Jane" roughout saddle. I simply like to build cowboy saddles for people who will "put them to the test."

Silver Concho

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